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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

In recent years, many people have turned to mediation as an alternative to fighting out their divorce in court. Negotiating their divorce with a third party to facilitate that negotiation can bring a wide variety of benefits to divorcing couples.

Mediation can save time, money and stress.

 A litigated divorce can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. When couples can set aside their disagreements and work together, mediation and other alternate dispute resolution methods can limit the costs and stress they incur during the divorce process.

Mediation can make post-divorce parenting easier.

Child custody and support can be complex subjects during a divorce, but fighting about these issues today could make it challenging to work with your spouse to parent in the future. Mediation provides the chance to keep the peace while discussing parenting issues, laying the groundwork for a more peaceful parenting arrangement in the future.

Mediation may also make the divorce process less stressful for your child. When parents fight, it can have a damaging effect on their child’s mental health. That stress can harm a child’s relationship with their parents, damage their sense of stability and potentially impact their physical and psychological development. Mediation may allow you to limit that conflict and, in the process, limit your child’s stress.

Mediation allows you to set your priorities.

Because mediation allows you to negotiate with your spouse about the things that matter most to you in your divorce, you have greater control over the outcome of your divorce. You can set your own priorities and have an active part in creating the best resolution for you.

If you wonder whether mediation is the right fit for you and your divorce, you may want to discuss your goals with an attorney. They can help you determine whether the mediation process is the best fit for your needs.